Professional Model Substance Addictions

The life of a professional model can be a stressful one, and professional models are known to struggle mentally with the pressures that fall on them. Addiction is not an uncommon thing among professional models, and many of them get caught up in substance abuse and addiction in an attempt to cope. However, most responsible adults know that addiction is not a sustainable way of coping with life stress because it ultimately ends up putting more strain on a person than it does provide them with relief. Some of the more commonly abused substances in the world of professional modeling are prescription medication, street drugs and food.

Prescription medications become addictive to models for several reasons. One reason is because some of them have the ability to manage a person’s weight, which is very desirable in the eyes of a model. Another reason is because they can have anxiety reducing effects or sleep inducing effects. A model’s career can be stressful, and mood controlling medications often become a weakness of theirs.

Street drugs off the black market can also have a tempting lure to professional models. Drugs like cocaine and opiates have weight loss effects on many people and are abused for that purpose. Some professional models have a taste for the party lifestyle, which cocaine and ecstasy become a favorite for. Cocaine also gives a burst of energy that an overworked model will tend to abuse.

And lastly, it may not seem logical that models would develop a food addiction because weight management is so critical to their careers, but food addictions are more complicated than many people believe. A person can have a food addiction without being overweight. Obsessive behavior toward food, regardless of what type of food or the size of the portions, can be considered an addiction.

If you or someone you know is a professional model struggling with substance abuse, it is important to receive help before the habit takes a heavy toll. Contact an addiction and substance abuse specialist today to learn about your treatment options.

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