Professional models are individuals that are involved in public performances and several art displays in papers, fliers, billboards, websites, and other advertising platforms. Professional modeling stands as a career on its own, from which models make a living. It is associated with very high expectation on physical abilities, articulacy, performance abilities, skill or area of gifting, schedule etc. Due to the requirements of the profession, sometimes models fall victim of too much pressure and then become oppressed. In contemporary times, it has been observed that such pressure usually causes models to become overtaken by some disorders and addictions.

Addiction is a compulsive urge that causes an individual to cling to a particular act or habit regardless of the painstaking adverse condition and outcomes that may be associated with it. Addictions can come in different forms; some of such forms are behavioral addiction and substance addiction. Disorders on the other hand usually come in form of eating disorders, mental disorders and behavioral disorders. These addiction and disorders will be duly treated.

Substance addictions associated with professional models

Substance addiction is one of the commonest types of addictions that usually come to play in this present time. It is an impelling obsession to a particular consumable material that is majorly caused by frequent engagement in taking such substance. Addiction to substance like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, cigarette etc., is not far-fetched from model due to the nature of the profession. As much as it feels like it is one of the most reasonable ways to getting over life’s stress and anxiety, responsible persons should find their way round it, because the end result may not be as palatable as expected.

Models and some common behavioral addiction

In an attempt to suppress pressure and overcome the relative hardship that is being posed at models, regarding the profession, there is often a very high tendency that they fall victim of behavioral addictions. Some of the forms by which behavioral addiction can come to play are shopping, partying, excessive exercise etc. Behavioral addiction is such that are being practices in conduct and behaviors which could lead to major disorders. Finding a solution can usually be found through substance abuse treatment programs.

Disorders associated with professional modeling

Addictions often stand as a passage for disorders to come in. Health wise, excessive intake of alcohol and other substances could possibly lead to kidney and liver issues which usually aggravates to diabetes, erectile dysfunction, hearth failure and so on. They could also come in form of eating disorders, some of which are eating disorders, unhealthy starvation, purposeful malnutrition etc.

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